2016 Mountain Run

It's Not the Stelvio Pass but it is The Welsh Cousin Mountain Run

Three Minors turned up for todays run.  Leaving Llantrisant with a thought of what one  said 'My brakes aren't that good at the moment' in our minds. we headed on a variant of a route through the Rhondda Valley. A relatively easy route at first until just outside Treorchy the Bwlch looms from the bottom of the valley.  The long straight up to first switch back luls you into a sense of security and then the climb up to the second switch back and the long climb to the summit it's worth it.  With the Black Mountains to our north west and the Malverns to our east a panoramic view was spread out in front of us.  now what goes up must come down, along gradual decent down to the South Wales Mining Museum in the Afon Forest where we finished the day.

Cool Down at the Summit at 1,900ft

The Heavens

Looking down from 1,900ft onto second switch back

The Valley Bottom Looking Towards Treorchy

The Malverns in the Distance

Afon Forest

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