Photo Album 2020 Virtual Branch Rally

Thank you to all that attended our Virtual Branch Rally and Classic car show of May 2020.

In these unprecedented times where we have not been able to show our cars, go on runs or visit shows to see these great cars it was fantastic to see so many people attended our very first virtual show. It would have great to have made this a live event however making sure everyone could possible use the technology and keep safe we thought the option we went for was the best.

I (Anthony) have really enjoyed reading the comments that were sent in with the pictures, Mr & Mrs Bodger for example we hope you did as well. 

We have archived all the pictures from the show as we always do for prosperity and don't forget if you missed to show to take a look below and here for the winners. 

Entry Number 1

Anthony Coles

Morris Minor Convertible 1966

This is my ol' girl. She is really missing being out on the road where she belongs. She has had one full restoration and and after that a partial and as with all minors to keep them in top condition, some every year.

Lives in Cardiff, originally from Portsmouth, but has lived in many places. Has been featured on the Salvage Hunters S1, Ep1

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Entry Number 2

Anthony Coles

Morris Minor 2 door salon

This is my younger man Peat he has not been modified just kept alive and going really strong.

Lives in Cardiff, with the ol’ girl above

He is looking for another owner that can care for him, someone with more time on their hands.

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Entry Number 3

Anthony Coles

Toyota MR2 Facelift 2004

This is my day to day car when not working, everyone deserves a fun car. Fully serviced and the last 4 years by myself including changing all components linked to the brakes, you really need these cars to be able to stop!

Lives in Cardiff

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Entry Number 4

John Rue

Morris 1000 Saloon 4 door

First registered April 1970 so just had its 50th birthday. I bought from Somerset April 2012. 

Resides in Neath West Glam. when not on a MOT with other club members 

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Entry Number 5

David Flint

2 door saloon, almond green,  first Reg 1964, 1098cc, miles - 71213 (actually 171,213 mls). 

The previous long-term owners were Mr & Mrs Bodger (from 1990).

Never been off the road - MOT's from 1990. I bought her in Sep 2010 showing 47500 mls ( 23713 mls in 10 yrs). A truly 'rolling restoration' - a lot of restoration by the 'Bodgers' - floor and rear spring hangers. I replaced the n/s front wing plus inner wing and lower of 'A post' and sill restoration. Additional improvements include: 'lead-free' head, 3.9:1 ratio diff, reconditioned gearbox, all braking components replaced and most suspension and steering. Overall - it performs very well and is very reliable.

Born in Beeston Notts 1949. lived Llangynidr since 1984

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Entry Number 6

St John Ambulance Cymru

WW1 1925 Bullnose Morris Cowley

Owned by St John Ambulance  Cymru

Lives in Cardiff, Wales

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Entry Number 7


Morris Minor

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Entry Number 10

Toby Morris

Morris Minor Traveller

Green - some welding done underneath otherwise unrestored.

Garnswllt, Carmarthenshire.

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Entry Number 11

David Laviers

Morris Minor Convertible

Major restoration in the 1990's. Subsequently, new engine, interior pep-up, replacement brake lines and cylinders, with a recent suspension review. The car is used throughout the year, avaoiding salted roads only.


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Entry Number 12

David Laviers

Austin Seven Ruby(1937)

Recently acquired , as a recommissioning project. A heavy rebuild was executed by the previous owner 12 years ago, having been driven only 150 miles since then. It is planned to show the vehicle in South Wales, when circumstances allow, and to use it on driving days appropriate to its age (83 years young).

Clydach, Swansea

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Entry Number 13

Sue Pay

Morris Minor 10002 door saloon

She’s called Emma, will be 50 on 1st June, and I’ve owned her for nearly 35 years. She’s been “modernised”; disc brakes, alternator, heated rear screen and unleaded head. 


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Entry Number 15

Mike Burgess

Triumph TR7

1977 FHC. I purchased the vehicle in 2004 when I was originally looking for a soft top version. This one came up that had been stored. On inspection there was only two small rust holes. One in the rear window corner the other on a near side sill, this was caused by being under sealed over a drain hole. I carried out a full restoration on this vehicle in 2005. And along with the car the owner had brought a lot of new switches and various other items, all in new Leyland boxes. I have overhauled the engine and had a full restoration in the original colour Java Green.

Bristol UK

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Entry Number 16

Mike Burgess

Morris 1000

1967 series 2, 2 door saloon. 1098cc

Bristol UK

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Entry Number 17

Lynn Portwood

1964 traveller BBE 

BBE is a stalwart of many MOT trips & should have been off again this year. 1098 engine, but with up rated brakes to stop our old heavy trailer tent. 


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Entry Number 18

Jenni Wood

 2 door smoke grey

Alice is my daily drive, however at the moment she’s parked on the driveway, ready to go on a bear hunt giving thanks to the NHS 💗


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Entry Number 19

Tom Bryant 

Modified 1960 morris minor.

1960 Morris minor converted back in the 70s to a two door convertible with a slightly different look. Running 1275 morris marina engine and box.

Bristol uk

Andy smith

Morris traveller

Originally from Devon and lived there till a year ago


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Entry Number 20

Helen Cosslett

Red Morris minor van

Has been a lengthy project,


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Entry Number 21

Andy smith

Morris traveller

Originally from Devon and lived there till a year ago with 4 previous owner


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Entry Number 22

Andy Smith 

Morris traveller 

Unrestored traveller from Devon where it had spent all its life till last year when I adopted it 


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Entry Number 25

Donna Fracchiolla

Morris Minor Saloon 1963

We found Merlin (or Merlin found us!) in 2004, he is called Merlin as he is magic!
Merlin has all the original features but we have added servo assisted brakes. This morris minor 4 door saloon is trafalger blue and is what is known as a "Dual Personality" car. This 1963 car has the improved 1098cc A-Series engine but the engine was put in the same shell as the last 1950's minor. There is a "spotters guide" to identify these cars and some of the features include two tone upholstery, clap hand wipers, open glove boxes, pull switches etc. Merlin loves being a member of SWMMOC and meeting his moggy friends. 

Rhiwbina Cardiff

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Entry Number 26

Natasha Jenkins 

Morris minor millionth replica 

Full restoration 

Swansea. South Wales 

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