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Betsy in Waitrose

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David Flint

2 door saloon, almond green,  first Reg 1964, 1098cc, miles - 71213 (actually 171,213 mls). 

The previous long-term owners were Mr & Mrs Bodger (from 1990).

Never been off the road - MOT's from 1990. I bought her in Sep 2010 showing 47500 mls ( 23713 mls in 10 yrs). A truly 'rolling restoration' - a lot of restoration by the 'Bodgers' - floor and rear spring hangers. I replaced the n/s front wing plus inner wing and lower of 'A post' and sill restoration. Additional improvements include: 'lead-free' head, 3.9:1 ratio diff, reconditioned gearbox, all braking components replaced and most suspension and steering. Overall - it performs very well and is very reliable.

Born in Beeston Notts 1949. lived Llangynidr since 1984

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