Virtual Branch Rally 2020 Details

Our virtual branch rally will be held on 10th May 2020 it will start at 10.30 am, I hear you asking how do I take part? Well, its simple all we require is for you to take a few pictures of your Morris Minor or any other classic car that you own and would like to show on this day. 

The pictures you take need to be current therefore a date and entry number will need to be included in the picture. How do I do this I hear you asking again, simple just print the number given or write it on a piece of paper with the date then take the picture  or use your camera settings to add this automatically, please don't photoshop the pictures they need to be simply as you take them on the day just like being at the show and you have a little time to practice.

The good part with this virtual show is, your classic car can be in bits, in the garage with its cover on, it really doesn’t matter all we are interested in, is seeing it in our show so the world can see it.

 As you can imagine we are biased here and we would love to see as many Morris Minors as possible, other cars are welcome and it will be a pleasure to see them.

We normally do not charge any entrance fee for our May show however as our members cannot be collectively together as a group and collect for our chosen charity of the year on the day or at other shows so far this year we are asking for donations to be given say £1.00 or even more if you can afford it (details below)

So how do you get to show your car?

Firstly complete our form below, you will then in return obtain an email (check your spam or junk folder for this), it will include a number for the show and details on what to do next.

Secondly, once you have taken your pictures refer to the email on how to send/upload your pictures. Please do not send any more than 5 depending on how many entrants we have we may have to limit storage space.

Thirdly, if you haven’t done so by then please make a donation to our charity of the year, details are below and will be in the email and please let us know.

Lastly, Come the 10th May all photographs of your cars will be on show on this site on this page and you can then come along and view each and everyone.

Just like our normal show we always encourage a picnic so again you could make it interesting for yourselves, if able in the comfort of your home, garden maybe a picnic and if possible and safe a glass of something you enjoy then you can view each and every one of the cars on show just like being at the show grounds. I know I am looking forward to seeing them.

So some simple rules of the show.

Entries must be sent by 4th May 18:00 hours to be included.

We ask for a donation to our charity of the year, whatever you can afford would be gratefully appreciated

1 picture of your classic will be adequate, however 2 might be better no more than 5,   not all might be shown it will depend on space..

Along with you pictures details of your car will need to be included for example area you are from, name, how long you have owned it, please keep it short and simple.

Your pictures will be on show for all to see on our website and possibly linked to social media platforms therefore you give us permission to use the pictures and information of the car as we feel fit to show the cars. We will not include any thing personal like email address though.

If you have any queries ask before the closing date. We can be contacted by the form below or our contact page  social media or if you have our email address please use that. I can also be contacted by phone, text, whatsApp on 07764530915

Show will start 10:30 May 10th 2020

Donations direct to our charity of the year Alzheimers Society via this link please

We look forward to a massively fantastic show.

Entries now closed. Enjoy the show from here

We are having a few late entries, so if you want to join in complete this form and send some pictures to me at

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