Virtual Branch Rally 10th May 2020

Welcome to our Morris Minor Owners Club - South Wales Virtual Branch Rally and Classic Car Show. All photos shown below have been entered into the show the first of its kind for our club. 

We haven’t had many entrants however please take a look at what has turned up and maybe we will have a few more late entries if I can manage to upload etc today. The show will close today at 4.30pm and the pictures from the show archived to another page.

Trophy for the best car in show, independently judged.

If you have any comments please get in touch via the normal modes like Email, Text, WhatsApp, Messenger.

We are having a few late entries, so if you want to join in complete this form and send some pictures to me at

Enjoy the show and maybe we can have another very soon.

The show has now closed, it's time to go home. 

Thank you to all that participated in the show, called by to watch or take a look at the cars on display and to the two judges for selecting 3 winners in their very own way, something that we we as a club have often carried out at our shows.

The show pictures have now been archived and all that is left to do is list and show the winners that have been selected.

There are three winners so in no particular order.

Award given for 

Best Scene - Relevant to now - Staying home with a garden picnic.

Entry number 16

Award given for 

Best for a day out

Entry Number 1

Award given for just being, well as it was said

It Looks Banging!

Entry Number 19

2020 Winner banging

We have a runner up though.

So this one will have a virtual trophy 

It is just too cute to ignore.

Virtual award for 

Looks from a film

Entry Number 12


Trophies are on their way, I did say no expense spared on these.


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