First run of the year 2021

It was very strange that after having to cancel our branch rally and classic car show in May this year due to covid regulations (and rightfully so to ensure safety off all)  that we were at last about to do an organised run for the first time in about 20 months! 

Our events man Ray had planned the route and managed to obtain a special visit to Rockfield studios.

Our first meeting point was at the fire station in Malpas, Newport, where we were joined not just by some of our members but Avon MMOC 

With 5 Morris Minors and two modern cars off we went, collecting more as we continued on route.  A quick stop at Monmouth seen us meet with 9 Morris Minors and three moderns and don't forget the van!

Our final leg was onto the Rockfield studios and when we arrived we had a very warm and lovely welcome from Kingsley, Lisa and Amanda. They guided us into what used to be the stable area which was once owned by Rolls Royce.

After having a little time to socialise with each other (safely of course) and admire the effort taken by the car owners to make them look very nice indeed, we went on to have a full tour from the family (originally diary farmers) and heard some wonderful stories about the recording studio which has seen artists such Queen, ColdPlay, Oasis, Paulo Nutini, Genesis, Iggy Pop, Cerys Matthews, well the list was immense and still growing, please take a look at their website for more names as there so many.

Were we treated so well by the family we cannot thank them enough and for most of us being lovers of music it was an experience we will never forget if our memory lasts of course.

Taking about memories, Kingsley was a great talker, honest, open and attracting our interest with his memories, well stories of the people, bands, artists that have visited and used the studios. Let me just link some of the pictures below to the stories. You will see a picture of the wonder wall, Ray on a patch of grass that has seen so many artists standing on and the window that Freddie Mercury was looking out of when he was writing Bohemian Rhapsody, Ray is pointing to the wind vane thought to have inspired “any way the wind blows” along with the Chris Martins line "look how they shine for you” on Yellow.

To finish our visit Lias, Amanda and Lisa picked three cars of the day that had interested them the most.

 Bens Traveller as it reminded, Amanda of days gone by with her grandparents and their traveller and trips to Hereford in it. 

Lisa picked Teds Clipper blue 2 door for similar reasons.

Kingsley picked Anthonys convertible as he said he would have to have a car he could pose in.

We cannot thank Rockfield studios, the family especially Kingsley, Lias and Amanda enough for allowing us to visit today and we hope their success continues as they really do deserve it. 

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© Anthony Coles SWMMOC 2022