Slide Show New Years Day 2021

The first 3 pictures on show are photographs are of Johns (one of our members her at SWMMOC) first Morris, a 1959 2door model in Clipper Blue with  948cc engine bought for £210 in 1967, registration VCY 125 (I still have an original plate)

I bought this car as an 18 year old 3rd year apprentice with United Welsh Bus Co. and drove it everywhere. I had an old small brown transistor radio hanging from the side of the sun visor so I could pick up radio Luxembourg.
The 2 black and white pictures were taken in 1968, the Lady being my late mother. The colour picture, with me at the wheel was taken in 1971.
In 1972 following the birth of my first daughter, we bought a pram with a removable top and folding chassis. When the chassis was put in the boot I could not close the lid fully, so reluctantly I sold my Morris for a Mark 1 Ford Escort......and never did forgive my daughter!!
I had to wait until 2010 to buy my next Morris and join the SWMMOC but thankfully I have not been without one since.

The 4th Picture here is from Ray 

I was asked to supply my Morris for a wedding in Chepstow.

For those of you who don't know of me and my Morris I am Raymond and this is my 1968 genuine ex- Cardiff City Police Panda. In 1968 Cardiff City Police force bought 35 of these Morris Minors but only 32 were painted in the blue and white colours and kept 3 in normal colours so the CiD could use them. On 1st April 1969 there was a big shake up with police forces nationwide and Cardiff City Police was amalgamated with other police forces to become Sth Wales Police Force and they along with the rest of the Sth Wales Police force continued to use them until 1972 when they were replaced with the smaller Mini's. The Mini was then replaced in 1976/77 with the Ford Escort. 

Out of the 35 Pandas that Cardiff/Sth Wales Police used they only have two Pandas that have been known to survive and are still out and being looked after. My Morris (MKG 324F) and (MKG 290F) is in Essex. 

Over the 12 years that I have had the pleasure in owning it, We have used it by leading our Sth Wales Branch on many club outings, rallies and car shows. It's been on four Morris Minor National Rallies and have been presented at the NEC twice. We have been in countless newspapers and show programs and have been on the BBC this year. 

When we attend car shows, I can be seen by my Panda with a handful of Police hats and helmets offering fun photographs to anyone who wants to have them.

The 5th Picture comes from Dave our Chairman

My sample is my second Morris Minor - a 1961 4-door bought in 1968. My first car was a split screen Moggy S2 convertible - but unfortunately I never took a photo of it. 

I look forward to see your photos

All the best wishes Dave


6th Picture is the only picture Anthony has of his very first Morris Minor;

The car was bought for £40.00 and my brother Brian and I. We worked hard on it, Brian on the body work which need much work and myself on mechanics and electrics. By the way the cat is Tiger it was from a litter of cats that we had at H.A Kidds where I was an apprentice many years ago.


The 7th Picture is of Anthony’s Peat Brown Morris Minor a lovely 2 door model (up for sale at present)

This car is know to many as it has been in the SWMMOC for some time, this was my second Morris Minor some 40 years later.

The next 4 pictures are of Anthonys old girl a 2 door Morris Minor convertible (original factory), once called daisy by an owner now just called the old girl. 

She has some extensive work carried out by a number of people over the years to make her look like she does now and probably now better than when original.

She was seen by many on the very first episode of Salvage Hunters, (s1, e1) in a very poor state which can be seen in the photos below.

In a poor state

Next picture is Donna's Morris Minor dressed for the occasion, don't you Just love that personalised number plate on an older car.

© Anthony Coles SWMMOC 2022