Gone For Scone

30th July 2022 Seen the SWMMOC join the Cardiff Mini Club (#CMC) For what was to be a great drive out through a mixture of country roads, up mountains, sharp bends, down steep hills and above beautiful scenery.

A great start meeting at #Tragomil in Merthyr then onto a reservoir for a chance to catch up and ensure we hadn’t lost anyone along the way. Photo and chat opportunities whilst here and then on to The Old Barn Tea Room for a lovely lunch which we can highly recommend. 

After plenty of time for all to chat, take more photos and more importantly enjoy our lunch we moved on to a view point, which just as we arrived the clouds came down low and mist came across however it was still a great site to see. For some this was opportunity to eat a pizza, strange as it sounds but a lovely pizza van parked up for what many said a very nice slice of pizza!

We continued on our journey to  for a refreshment break at King Kone Desserts  (Retros At The Rising Sun) lovely tea, coffee and above all for most a very large and lovely ice cream. We were well looked after here just like at the Old Barn Tea Rooms and then finally onto  the guardian which is a great site, monument which was a touching finish to the run.

Thanks go to all that took part and especial thanks to all organisers for a great run and a very good turn out.

Pictures below.



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