2016 Help Needed

Help Needed for the Roald Dahl Centenary Saturday 17th September 2016


The title may seem a little odd but believe me the oddness will soon be explained.

No City has ever attempted a transformation quite as magical as that planned in Cardiff on the 17th-18th of September. The event is titled 'The City of the Unexpected' it will
see an orchestra of 200 people Playing from the battlements of Cardiff Castle, Talking Gargouyls on Castle Street Bridge, JCB Diggers performing Ballet, The National Theatre of Wales performing on the streets, The National Ballet Company of Wales Dancing in the streets and much much more.

Organisations involved include National Theatre of Wales National ballet Company of Wales Cardiff University of Performing Arts and Media, City of Cardiff, The Red Arrows
The RAF, Army The Welsh Assembly, Welsh Ambulance, South Wales Police, South Wales Fire & Rescue. A twelve foot high giant peach the list goes on.

The South Wales Branch has been asked to find 40 - 50 Morris Minors to directly take part in this event if you can help then please contact the branch with your details so we can e mail information to you.  It would be appreciated if you could contact us by no later than Friday 26th of August.

To give you an idea of how big this event is going to be there is a total cast of 3,000 it is being televised by the BBC in part and concludes with a children's party in the park on Sunday 18th.  The Director of Events is Mr Nigel Jamison, Who? Nigel Jamison directed
the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympics and the closing ceremony of the Manchester Commonwealth Games.  Maybe now this give you an impression of how big this event is going to  be.

You can contact the branch at

Thank you

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