2017 Godfrey Crew

Mr. Godfrey Crew who sadly passed away a fortnight ago. 

Godfrey was a founding member of this Branch and a previous chairperson.  Godfrey was also a very early member of the National MMOC with his membership No. 463.  Many people within the classic car scene will know Godfrey and his distinctive Bomb Disposal Van.

​As most of us know Godfrey used to have a dairy business covering the Newport area. he was one of the first to embrace the electric milk float and later had some Austin/Morris derived pick up milk floats.  One of which still remains and is owned by his son Adrian.  Now, what many of us don't know was that dear Godfrey was a 'Film Star' a French TV. Film Star ooh la la. Ooh no no, He appeared in a French TV film called 'The Madness of Irene' where he was seen delivering milk to a house in Newport.  Godfrey has also delivered and collected milk from a very important house in London many years ago.  During the London Lord Mayors Parade he delivered milk and collected empty bottles from the Manson House in London City Centre.

​Our Godfrey was also a bit of a traveller entering into the Monte Carlo Classic Vehicle Rally in his Convertible in 1993 a photograph somewhere sees him at the starting point at York Station.  He also entered two of the famous Minors on Tour 1985 was to Interlaken and 1999 was to Dordogne.

​Godfrey was a treasure.  Always willing to help with his time and his expertise.  He will be sorely missed by the South Wales Branch the MMOC and classic car owners alike.

A gentleman, A great friend, Sadly missed

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